Let’s Watch a Classical Musician Play ‘God Bless America’ at the Nats Game on a Baseball Bat Violin (Video)

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In general I’m not a big fan of how Major League Baseball has all the teams play “God Bless America” during the seventh inning stretch on special, patriotic occasions. It’s not that I don’t want God to bless America, because I do. It’s just that it makes the games take even longer, and I personally prefer “America the Beautiful” because it’s less schmaltzy.

That being said, if all performances of “God Bless America” at Major League Baseball games were performed on electric baseball bat violins, I could probably get on board with that.

That’s what they had on Sunday at the Washington Nationals game, and it was awesome. Take a look:

The violinist is Glenn Donnellan of the National Symphony Orchestra. He built the “batolin” back in 2009 as part of a musical outreach program for D.C. youths and has performed “God Bless America” at baseball games on numerous occasions. Yesterday’s performance was just the latest.

ESPN’s E:60 did a little story on him a few years ago after the debut of the Electric Slugger, as the batolin is now officially called. Here’s that:

I don’t know about you, but the electric batolin is now my new favorite instrument. Maybe Donnellan can team up with Yanni and Michael Bolton for a Christmas album or something.

Hat Tip – [Sporting News]


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