DeAngelo Williams Gives His First Class Seat to a Marine, Then Tweets About It

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A classy move followed by a very un-classy move. Not sure how to feel about this one, but I’m guessing the only thing that ultimately matters here is that a soldier got to enjoy a first class seat, which is a nice sentiment. What isn’t such a nice sentiment is leveraging a good deed done for a person in uniform for PR karma.

DeAngelo Williams, the Carolina Panthers running back, decided to give up his seat to a Marine in uniform, then decided to surreptitiously take a picture of the man he was giving his seat to, then take a pic of his first class ticket, then Tweet out:

Huh. What I suppose would be more magnanimous is to give your seat up without any fanfare, and not make yourself out to be the hero in this scenario. But that doesn’t seem to be in the cards, so let’s all agree with DeAngelo that he’s a great guy.  And, as his Tweet posits, try to imagine a scenario when Williams DOESN’T have a better airline seat than a soldier.


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