Great White Shark Attacks Long Distance Swimmer in Manhattan Beach, California (Video)

shark attack manhattan beach

There are a number of reasons why you’ll never see me going for a long-distance swim in the Pacific Ocean, the first two being that I’m way to lazy to go for long-distance swims and I don’t live anywhere near the Pacific Ocean.

However, there’s also a third reason. And that third reason is, obviously, that I have no desire to get attacked by a great white shark.

That’s what happened to 40-year-old Steven Robles in Manhattan Beach, California, on Saturday morning. He was on his weekly outing with a group of long distance swimmers when they swam right into the path of a great white shark that had been hooked by a fisherman on the picturesque Manhattan Beach pier.

The seven-foot juvenile shark, thrashing around and obviously agitated by the fact that it had a hook in its mouth, bit Robles in the torso about 100 yards offshore. Officials say he is in stable condition after sustaining “moderate injuries.” However, I don’t really think there’s anything “moderate” about getting bit by a great white shark.

Amazingly, the whole thing was caught on camera by people standing on the pier. At first they had no idea what was really happening. However, their laughter turned to stunned silence once they realized Robles had actually been bitten by a shark.

Take a look:

In case you were wondering, it is illegal to catch great white sharks, and fisherman are supposed to cut their lines upon determining they have hooked one. However, in this case, the shark was so far out that the fisherman still had no idea what he had on the line when the swimmers came by, so authorities do not believe there was any wrongdoing.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]


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