Move Over, Big Unit: Minor League Pitcher Kills Bird with Pitch (Video)

bird hit by baseball

Mark July 5, 2014 down in your calendars, trivia geeks. That’s the day the “Pitchers Who Have Killed a Bird with a Pitch Club” doubled in size.

For 13 long years, of course, future Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson was the only member of this club. Now he is joined by Jon Maciel of the single-A West Michigan Whitecaps, who “accomplished” this “feat” against the Fort Wayne TinCaps on Saturday in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

In the bottom of the third, a bird swooped down in front of a 1-1 pitch from Maciel to Josh VanMeter. The impact wasn’t nearly as spectacular* as Johnson’s kill—partly because the bird wasn’t white, but mainly because Jon Maciel isn’t Randy Johnson—but the bird was just as dead, despite the show of optimism from the guys in the booth.

*And by “spectacular” I mean tragic, PETA

Here’s Maciel’s bird assassination:

And just in case you’re having trouble recalling the Johnson incident, here you go:

R.I.P., birds.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]


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