Here’s A Creepy Video Of Oscar Pistorius Re-Enacting His Girlfriend’s Murder

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Just when the World Cup is at a fever pitch, and we’ve got the pleasant drone of meaningless mid-season baseball to keep us idly happy, we’re interrupted with a reminder of the darker side of sports. Today, it’s the release of a defense-made video re-enactment of Oscar Pistorius‘ version of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp‘s, death.

The video shows Pistorius, without his artificial legs, running around, apparently carrying his girlfriend out of the water closet she was shot in and down the stairs. All in all, pretty creepy stuff, whether it’s true or not.

Take a look if you care to, right here:

The video was made by his defense team and hasn’t been shown in trial yet. It’s unclear whether it will be at any point.

Apparently, it was illegally leaked and wasn’t intended for public viewing, according to the defense. It was recently aired by an Australian news station, which essentially gave other news outlets carte blanche to distribute it at that point.

So here it is.

Hat tip – [ESPN]


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