Sleeping Yankees Fan Caught on Camera Suing ESPN for $10 Million (Video)

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If ever there was a metaphor for a Yankees fan…

Back in April, 26-year-old “fan” Andrew Rector attended Yankee Stadium with some pretty sweet seats. He was second row behind the dugout. Those are the perfect seats on an April night to…kick back and take a nap?

Rector was caught on camera (it was an ESPN-covered game) sleeping from the 4th inning onward. Considering how much dead air there is to fill during a baseball telecast, it’s no wonder the announcers didn’t ignore the elephant in the room. John Kruk claimed the ballpark is “not the place you come to sleep,” and Dan Shulman called the fan “oblivious.”

Here’s the video of the sleeping giant:

Well, despite the fact that ballparks are generally not good places to sleep, and sleeping people ARE oblivious, Mr. Rector is suing ESPN for $10 million for emotional distress stemming from what his lawyers are deeming an “unending verbal crusade” from the announcers. This all is brought to us courtesy of The Smoking Gun.


Everything about this is hilarious. The fat guy sleeping. The fat guy thinking that he is somehow afforded the right to privacy by sleeping in a 45,000-person stadium during a national broadcast. The fact that this man thinks anyone’s feelings would ever be worth more than $1,200. His lawyers’ classification of the announcers’ comments as “unending” even though they most likely ended at the end of the game. What an ass.

If he thought he was subjected to undue criticism and insults for falling asleep in good seats, he’ll be in for a treat when he finds out what happens when entitled jerks file frivolous lawsuits for insane amounts of money.

You haven’t begun to see distress, ANDREW RECTOR.


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