60,000 Fans Could Be Rocking This Creepy Neymar Mask at Today’s World Cup Match (Photo)


If you haven’t had nightmares in a while, and miss them a little bit, we suggest you tune into today’s Brazil-Germany World Cup semifinal match, during which 60,000 screaming Brazil fans may be wearing paper masks bearing the likeness of injured superstar Neymar.

Here it is:

Neymar mask

The idea was floated by a co-op of ad agencies (who else) and comes with the lame hashtag, #somostodosneymar—which, if you missed the first hour of Spanish class, translates to “We are all Neymar.”

No. You’re not, Brazil fans. You’re soccer fans that are putting on plastic masks because ad men told you to. And you’re going to scare a lot of kids.

Another fun reason not to wear the mask: Can you think of anything more terrifying (or difficult to prosecute) than 60,000 people rioting in the same masks, their identities hidden? It’s like V for Vendetta, but with more people getting beaten.

If you can’t make the game, but still want to disturb people with the mask, it’s available right here for download.


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