Crafty Derek Jeter Tricks Indians’ Jason Kipnis Into Double Play (Video)

Jeter trick Jason Kipnis

When you’re 40 years old, you can’t rely on talent and physical ability to make you shine. But fortunately, when you’re 40 years old, you have a wealth of experience, knowledge, and comfort to rely on to play the game smarter than almost anyone else.

Derek Jeter exemplified that last night when he tricked Cleveland Indians baserunner Jason Kipnis into thinking that he was stepping on second to start a double play.

Kipnis took off running with his head down after the crack of the bat, so he had no way of knowing that the hit was actually a pop fly to third. Jeter stepped up to look like he was forcing Kipnis out at second. Kipnis, as he was trained, slid into second to break up the fictional double play, then popped up and looked to third base.

It was about then that Kipnis lifted his head up to learn that he got duped, and the pop fly catch was now being thrown to first for the second out. Kipnis hauled ass, but it wasn’t even close.

Here’s the video:

If you can’t play better or harder, play smarter. Like Jeter does.

Hat Tip – [Cut4]


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