Kendall Gill Tells Great Story About Jimmy Jackson Talking Trash to Michael Jordan (Video)


You don’t have to be a former player to analyze basketball games effectively on television. Somebody who’s never even stepped foot on a court can be just as much of an expert in the Xs and Os as somebody who played the game for his entire life. Expertise is not the reason why former players usually serve as color analysts.

What is the reason? It’s the stories they can tell. Having an understanding of strategies and personnel is great, but what really makes a great color analyst is the ability to tell a great anecdote from their playing days. And former journeyman guard Kendall Gill told a pretty great one the other day while covering a Summer League game for NBA TV.

The subject of this story is none other than Michael Jordan. As you may have heard, MJ has never taken kindly to trash talk. So when zero-time All-Star Jim Jackson started talking trash to him during a game back in 1997, Jordan shut him up with an absolutely perfect comeback.

Have a listen:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you’d better think twice before talking trash to His Airness.


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