Hot LFL Running Back with Adorable Nickname Obliterates Opponent Standing Between Her and the End Zone (Video)

lfl hit markie lil train henderson

There are basically only four types of Lingerie Football Leagues posts: locker room tirades, wardrobe malfunctions, victory celebrations, and brutal hits.

The tirades, of course, are totally planned, and while the wardrobe malfunctions aren’t exactly planned, they’re not entirely unexpected, either. Ditto for the celebrations.

But the brutal hits? Those are 100% authentic. And this is the type of LFL post we have for you today.

The perpetrator of said brutal hit is Las Vegas Sin rookie Markie Henderson. Her nickname, according to the LFL YouTube post, is “Lil Train,” and whether or not they just made that up on the spot, it certainly fits this clip. Because she definitely ran over Chicago Bliss cornerback Dominique Collins like a train.

Take a look:

See what I mean? When they introduced the truck stick to Madden, this is exactly the kind of thing they had in mind.

Well, except for the lingerie, of course.


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