The Latest NFL Logo Redesign: an NFL x NBA Mashup (Gallery)

nba nfl logo mashup chicago bulls bears

In case you haven’t noticed, redesigning NFL logos is all the rage these days. It all started with one person on Reddit redesigning the logos for all 32 franchises back in September. Then we saw the NFL logos redesigned as fat, as soccer team crests, as Disney characters, as hipsters, as corporate brands, and as heavy metal bands.

Oh, and along the way we’ve seen some NBA and NHL redesigns, too, just to mix things up.

So what redesign do we have for you today? We’ve got a logo mashup featuring every NFL franchise and its local NBA franchise, courtesy of designers Brandon Hubschman and Weis Karzai.

Of course, not every NFL city has an NBA team, and in those cases Hubschman and Karzai did their best to do mashups that made the most sense, whether because of geographic proximity or historical ties. (For example, the Kansas City Chiefs got mashed with the Sacramento Kings because the Kings were founded in Kansas City.) However, there are still some pairings that don’t make any sense—like Jacksonville Jaguars-Utah Jazz, or Pittsburgh Steelers-San Antonio Spurs.

But hey, they did the best with what they were given. Take a look:

Hat Tip – [Behance via Extra Mustard]


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