Germany’s 7-1 Beatdown of Brazil at the World Cup Spawned Some Great Memes

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Brazil couldn’t have dropped the ball any worse than they did in their semi-final match against Germany on Tuesday at the World Cup. Yikes. Germany took them out of the running early with a staggering 5-0 lead at halftime, eventually taking them down 7-1. You don’t come back from that. Even if you’re Brazil.

Considering the game was a blowout with little fanfare (save for the enormity of the blowout), we have to do something to keep the match topical.


The Internet has already gotten to work on poking fun at the Brazilian waxing by Germany.


Sorry. That’s a lot of yelling. We’re all just really excited about these memes. We hope you are too, because…

Here they are:


…and that’s just in like two hours following the match. Imagine what today will bring.


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