‘Jeopardy’ Burns Notre Dame with Question About the 2013 BCS Title Game (Pic)

jeopardy notre dame burn

As you may or may not know, sports trivia is not the forte of most Jeopardy contestants. And for that reason, over the years, there have been some pretty terrible but hilarious responses to sports clues. We’ve seen a lady who thought Johnny Manziel went to Alabama, a guy who thought Cam Newton went to Ohio State, and a guy who thinks Sidney Crosby‘s nickname is “Geno“—all of which were hilarious.

Given that track record, you might think the folks over at Jeopardy would tread lightly in formulating their sports clues. But apparently somebody who writes for them went to USC or something, because yesterday they totally threw Notre Dame under the bus.

In a single Jeopardy category called “Good Try,” this was one of the clues:

This school needed a lot more than the luck of the Irish taking on Alabama in the BCS title game in 2013, falling 42-14.

Quick, somebody send a couple of cases of aloe vera lotion to South Bend. Notre Dame just got BURNED.

And the eternal struggle between jocks and nerds goes on.

Hat Tip – [For the Win]


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