Pornhub Asks Users to Stop Uploading Germany-Brazil Game to Public Humiliation Category (Pic)

pornhub asks users to stop uploading germany brazil clips

Pornhub totally won the internet yesterday.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. “Doesn’t Pornhub win the internet every day?” And yes, in once sense, they do. In once sense, porn has won the internet every single day since the internet was invented.

However, yesterday Pornhub won the internet with humor instead of sleazy movies. Because, you see, after Germany thrashed Brazil 7-1 in the semifinals of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, they tweeted this:

pornhub tweet brazil germany

That, friends, is quite possibly the greatest burn in the history of Twitter burns. I’m honestly surprised Twitter didn’t just shut down afterward, because really, what’s the point of anyone ever tweeting again?

Of course, it was all just a brilliant joke. Despite that supposed screen cap you see above, it doesn’t appear that anybody actually uploaded the Germany-Brazil game to Pornhub. Believe me, I checked. They don’t even have a public humiliation category.

They do, however, have smart social media people.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]


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