The 11 Biggest Blowouts in World Cup History

biggest blowouts in world cup history

The margin of victory needed for a loss to be considered a blowout varies by sport. In baseball we’re generally talking about a loss of seven runs or more. In hockey it’s a loss of five or more goals. In basketball we’re usually talking about deficits of around 20 points. And in football—the American kind—a team is looking at a blowout when they’re down by about three touchdowns.

In soccer, though, the standards are much lower. At elite events like the World Cup, where the quality of competition is extraordinarily high, a two-goal loss is considered convincing, while a three-goal loss, depending on the opponent, is blowout territory.

That’s why the semifinal between Germany and Brazil at the 2014 FIFA World Cup was so shocking. It wasn’t just a blowout. It was an epic, soul-crushing blowout.

But where exactly does it rank among other big World Cup blowouts? You’re about to find out.


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