Argentina’s Lionel Messi Celebrates Berth in World Cup Finals by Getting Drug Tested (Photo)

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For the first time since the days of Diego Maradona‘s 1990 squad, Argentina will be appearing in the World Cup finals. Yay! But super-duper star Lionel Messi wasn’t able to celebrate with his squad after sinking one of the penalty kicks that eliminated the Netherlands and took Argentina to where they are now.

Nope. He was yanked by FIFA to undergo an immediate doping test.

Now, there’s no reason to believe that Messi did anything to trigger a test, but that doesn’t mean this was random. In my humble, and completely groundless opinion, it seemed like posturing on the part of the governing body to take soccer’s biggest star to a high profile test immediately following a big win to demonstrate that they take this sort of thing seriously.

It’s a shame he wasn’t able to party with his cohorts, but it’s not the end of the world.

He seems to be handling it well:

Does that look like the face of a doper? NO WAY.

Hat Tip – [101GreatGoals]


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