Basketball Fail: Girl Scores on Her Own Basket at Women’s U-17 FIBA World Championship (Video)

basketball player scores on wrong basket

Look, I get it. Things get confusing out there on the basketball court sometimes. With all those Xs and Os getting all jumbled in your head, I can totally understand how, in the heat of the moment, you might forget which basket is yours and which is your opponents. (It’s certainly happened in football.)

But right after your opponent shoots a free throw? No, that I can’t understand. You literally just stood there and calmly watched them shoot at that basket.

Nevertheless, this is exactly what happened during a game between Slovakia and Mexico at the Under-17 Women’s FIBA World Championships recently. A Mexican player missed a free throw, a Slovakian player grabbed the rebound and passed it to her teammate, and that teammate then went in for the easy layup on her own basket while everyone else was jogging down the court.

Crazy? Yes. But it gets crazier. The confusion was apparently contagious, so after the Slovakian player scored on her own basket, the Mexican team then inbounded the ball under Slovakia’s basket and went down the court to score on their own basket…at which point the referees and the folks at the scorers table started blowing every whistle and sounding every horn they could to snap everyone out of it.

Take a look:

Come on, everybody. Get it together.

Hat Tip – [Ball Is Life]


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