Red Sox’s Jackie Bradley Jr. and Astros’ George Springer Give Us Two Candidates for ‘Catch of the Year’ (Videos)

Jackie Bradley Jr. diving catch

When it rains it pours. Ok, maybe not “pours,” but definitely “rains harder than you would have expected.”

Yesterday’s Red Sox-White Sox game gave us a spectacular diving catch from Jackie Bradley Jr. that clearly stole a hit away from Chicago’s Tyler Flowers. He extended alllllllll the way out to try and get his glove on the centerfield hit. And he did it.

Take a look:

But wait. Please hold your applause until the end, because the aptly-named Astros rookie George Springer leapt into the outfield wall to make his presence known and negate a probable double from Texas Ranger outfielder Alex Rios.

While it may not appear as spectacular as the former, take into account how close he is to the wall when leaping to get the ball. He’s practically in the padding already.

Take a gander:

So, which catch do you think is better?


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