Jim Ross Calling Germany’s 7-1 Blowout of Brazil Is Absolutely Fantastic (Video)

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People have been adding commentary from legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross to epic plays from other sports for a long time, and while it was really funny at first, lately it has started to get stale.

Mind you, the problem isn’t that the original idea isn’t still funny. The problem is that people add the commentary to too many situations that don’t really deserve Jim Ross.

Fortunately, the example we have for you today is 100% pure gold. If any sporting event ever deserved the Jim Ross treatment, it’s Germany’s 7-1 annihilation of Brazil in the semifinals of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Given the context, that was one of the most agonizing and humiliating beatdowns in modern sports history. In fact, it was so bad you almost wonder if Jim Ross commentary would be too understated for the occasion.

Take a look:

Sorry, people of Brazil. I hate to rub it in because I feel your pain.

But come on, that’s funny.

Hat Tip – [Black Sports Online]


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