Rory McIlroy Crushes a 436-Yard Drive at the Scottish Open (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 1.35.39 PM

Rory McIlroy, perhaps wanting to avoid a loft game on the 13th hole of the Scottish Open at Royal Aberdeen, slammed a 436-yard drive onto the green of a par 4. The wind was at his back, but come on. That’s still a hell of a drive. Most players find their drives about a nine-iron away from the pin on that hole.

To give you an idea of context here, that drive is about 40 yards longer than anything seen on the PGA tour this year.

Take a look at the monster drive here, and think twice the next time you accuse someone of being weak just because their name is Rory:

Unfortunately, for all that distance, young Rory wasn’t able to make eagle on the hole, instead, two-putting for birdie.

Nonetheless, it really makes my 150-yard drives at the pitch and putt seem pretty crappy by comparison. Thanks, Rory.


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