9 Best Soccer Players to Never Win the World Cup

best soccer players to never win the world cup

Well, Argentina lost to Germany in extra time of the finals of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. And that means Lionel Messi, the man most observers regard as the greatest soccer player on the planet today—winner of six Spanish Liga trophies, three Champions League trophies, and four consecutive World Player of the Year awards—remains without a World Cup championship on his résumé.

Does this tarnish said résumé? Um, no. One guy can’t win a World Cup single-handedly. But it’s always nice when the “greatest player ever” type narratives end with a guy winning the world’s most prestigious trophy in his sport.

Of course, Messi is hardly the only all-time great to never win a World Cup championship. And today, we’re going to try to cheer him up—because yes, I’m sure he’s reading this—by showing Messi the great company he keeps in the World Cup-less legends of soccer club.

Take a look…

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