Derek Jeter Honored By Nike’s Jordan Brand in this Video Tribute

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As the Derek Jeter farewell tour keeps plugging away, we see tributes popping up from other players, the Yankees, and even from the fans. Now, finally, we have one from the big guns: Nike.

Now, baseball isn’t quite as core to Nike’s business as basketball or running is (how many people are buying baseball shoes after high school?), but Jeter has been a mainstay for the Jordan Brand since 1999.

He was the first baseball player to fall under the sub-brand of Nike, and with 12 different shoes to his name, the only guy with more is MJ himself.

Knowing that, it’s no surprise that Nike rolled out the big guns for this video. Tiger Woods. Michael Jordan. Jay-Z. BILLY CRYSTAL. I’m blinded by the starpower.

Here’s the video, titled “RE2PECT”:

Nike does these sorts of things pretty well, and this solemn tribute is no exception, melding the serious in with a few funny ones (the Sox fans and Mets were both pretty damn cute). And they’ve got Jay-Z, so all their bases are covered.

Turns out #2 has quite a fan base.


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