Fan Charges the Mound at a Minor League Game After Player on His Team Gets Hit by Pitch (Video)

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Dedication is risking your ass against 40 or so pro athletes to charge the mound after a player you’re cheering for gets hit by a pitch. That’s dedication. And stupidity.

In a minor league game between the Midland RockHounds and Corpus Christi Hooks, a crazed, drunk fan took to the field to attack the pitcher who beaned one of his Hook players. It merits noting that the Hooks were up 9-0 when this happened.

Here’s the grainy, grainy video:

Both teams emptied their dugouts because an unruly fan, even one supporting your team, is still a huge threat to everyone. Fortunately, the hitting coach for the Hooks was able to escort the man off the field with no further incident, but a lot of puzzled looks. The man was booked for criminal trespass and public intoxication, which should surprise no one.

I know how passionate I get when I think about Texas minor league baseball, so I totally get where this guy is coming from.


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