LeBron James Films World Cup Streaker So That We Can All Be Witnesses (Video)

World cup streaker

Jeez, BronBron. Same some notoriety for the rest of us.

Last Friday, LeBron James made a headline or two with a well-received essay announcing his choice to return to his hometown(ish) of Cleveland.

And if THAT’S not enough, now he’s getting recognized for video he took of a streaker during the World Cup Final on Sunday between Argentina and Germany.

The fan, who didn’t appear to be all that naked, took to the field and ran around like an idiot, as streakers do. He had “natural born prankster” written on his stomach in marker, leading us to declare English as the official language of attention-seeking morons.

But back to LeBron. He captured this video and posted it to his Instagram account.

Take a look and see if he has a fallback career as a cinematographer. I say…”Maybe.”

What are some more equally random things that LeBron James can do to hoard more and more attention? Become an Associate Producer on Pawn Stars? Film a Chris Bosh sex tape? The sky is the limit.


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