Check Out All the VIP Names on the Official World Cup Guest List (Tweet and Photo)

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 12.26.13 PM

A high profile, global event like the World Cup is going to attract some star power, so many of the names found on this official VIP/guest list shouldn’t come as a surprise. But a few of them might. And a few of them can just be ignored because they’re FIFA execs and nobody is impressed that a FIFA exec attended the World Cup.

But it is fun to imagine all of the people on the list attending a cocktail party and making small talk. In one corner, there’s LeBron James, talking to Vladimir Putin about the new Transformers movie.  And then you’ve got Wyclef Jean and Shakira performing Hips Don’t Lie a cappella after a few too many caipirinhas.

Like a scene out of a very strange movie.

Here’s the Tweet that captured the list:

I’m sure there are a lot of big foreign celebs here that are unfamiliar, but am I the only one that thinks this list is a little light for such a big, infrequent event?

I mean, it doesn’t even have Diddy!


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