Major Fail: Korean Baseball Player Hwang Jae-Gyun Gives Us the Worst Slide Ever (Video)

baseball slide fail korea

I’ve got to hand it to the Korean Baseball Championship. They’ve given us some pretty fantastic posts over the last few summers—from the premature celebration guy (and the other premature celebration guy), to the drunk dude who attacked the umpire, to the guy who evaded a tag at the plate like a boss. I wouldn’t say the quality of the baseball is getting better, per se, but the league is certainly entertaining.

Today’s Korean Baseball Championship highlight? It’s an epic sliding fail. And I do mean epic.

Last Thursday, Lotte Giants third baseman Hwang Jae-Gyun was trying to beat a throw to third base when this happened:


If it looks like that hurt, you’re right. Here’s what Hwang’s face looked like after the game:

hwang jae-kyun slide face injury

Oh, and did you happen to notice Samsung Lions third baseman Park Seok-Min add insult to injury by tagging Hwang in the junk? Well, we shouldn’t be surprised that he was not impressed with his opponent’s effort. He is, after all, the aforementioned guy who evaded the tag at home plate like a boss.

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