Legends Football League Coach Flips Out at His QB and Might Be Taking His Job Too Seriously (Video)

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It’s important to take pride in your work. It’s also important to not be delusional about the stakes of being a coach in what’s essentially the Lingerie Football League. The head coach of the Atlanta Steam, Dane Robinson, has a hard time walking that line.

He throws his quarterback to the sideline, screams, drops f-bombs, tosses a chair, then goes after the fans. But that’s not the best part. Those are just the very good parts.

The best part is listening to his guttural scream when the ball is picked off. It’s pretty terrific.

Here’s the hilarious video:

So say hello to the Bobby Knight of the Legends Football League. What are these ladies legends of? No idea. But don’t let that diminish this goofy outburst. Or this one. Or this one.

Wow. These LFL coaches really need to lighten up.


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