Metallica Star in New ‘This Is SportsCenter’ Commercial (Video)

metallica sportscenter commercial

There have been way too many hilarious “This Is SportsCenter” commercials over the years to be able to say, without a doubt, that the one you are about to watch is “one of the best.” So instead, let me just say this: it’s really good, and probably in the top 60th percentile.

What makes it so unique, of course, is that it does star any athletes, or even any mascots. It stars legendary metal band Metallica.

The premise? That ever since Mariano Rivera retired at the end of last season—remember, his nickname was The Sandman, and his walk-out song was “Enter Sandman“—James HetfieldLars UlrichKirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo have been looking for work.

Take a look:

I’ll admit that’s a pretty funny commercial. But I’m still kinda mad at Metallica for shutting down Napster.

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