Classic Photo: Rocky and Drago, Together Again

Scene from Rocky IV starring Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren.

Remember in Rocky IV, when Rocky Balboa went to the USSR and showed those commies the error of their ways, single-handedly punching a hole in the iron curtain and bringing freedom to Russia?

Man that was awesome. Ivan Drago was like, “I must break you,” and Rocky was like, “nuh uh, beotch.” They were basically the greatest hero-villain combo in sports movie history.

Sadly, that movie is 29 years old now. And while Rocky and Drago—i.e., Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren—have appeared on the big screen together in the Expendables franchise for the last several years, we’ve never seen them recapture the magic that was Rocky IV…until now.

Rocky and Drago—er, Sylvester and Dolph—recently got together with the rest of the cast of Expendables 3: Where Did I Put My Pants (Get it? They’re all old), and the folks at Vanity Fair captured this amazing image:

rocky and drago vanity fair

I don’t know what Rocky film they’re up to now (thirteen, maybe?), but they should totally make another one and have Rocky and Drago reunite to fight terrorists. That would be awesome.


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