Shabazz Napier Is Not Cool with LeBron’s Decision to Flee South Beach

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Nobody had a better draft night than Shabazz Napier (not even Mallory Edens).  Sure, the guy wasn’t the #1 overall pick, or even the #10 overall pick. But LeBron James, the greatest basketball player on the planet, was raving about him.

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Then the Miami Heat selected the point guard from the 2014 National Champion UConn Huskies with the 24th pick of the draft. And really, would you rather be the #1 overall pick and go to some sorry team, or be the #24 pick and go win championships right away while learning from the best basketball player of his generation? Because that’s what Napier thought was happening. He and everyone else knew the Heat picked him because he was LeBron’s favorite, and he and everyone else thought the Heat’s pick increased the likelihood of LeBron staying in South Beach.

Napier was so happy, he joined Twitter. And the first person he followed? LeBron.

Aaaaand then LeBron decided to go back to Cleveland, leaving Napier in Miami with Chris Bosh and the increasingly fragile Dwyane Wade. And while playing for the Heat is still better than, say, playing for the Sacramento Kings, it seems Napier is not happy that he won’t get to dish the ball to the best forward in the game.

So how did he respond? By unfollowing LeBron and deleting all tweets to @KingJames.

Petty? Sure. But also hilarious.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]


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