According to ‘Forbes’, the Most Valuable Sports Franchise in the World Is…Real Madrid?


While the Yankees, Heat Cavaliers, Cowboys, and Dodgers may rule the roost in the United States, once you travel internationally, it’s a whole new ball game in terms of what teams have the most value.

And that ball game seems to be “soccer.”

According to Forbes, which used to be a business magazine, but now just ranks how much money things are worth, the most valuable franchise in all of sports is Real Madrid at $3.44 billion. That’s a lot of billions. The valuation seems apt if only because the team generates more revenue than any other sports team in the world ($675 million in 2012-2013) and they’ve got some serious brand equity beyond that.

Emirates Airlines pays $39 million a year to be on Real Madrid’s jerseys, and Adidas pays $41 million for the privilege of making them. That’s $80 million a year for 11 shirts. Whatever business you’re in, it’s not as profitable as the Real Madrid business.

If you care about the also-rans, fellow countrymen Barcelona are coming in at $3.2 billion, Man U is at $2.81, and we have to go all the way down to 5th to find a U.S. team, where everyone’s favorite evil empire, the New York Yankees, are valued at $2.5 billion.

However, American football seems to have the heaviest presence lower in the list, with 30 of the NFL’s 32 teams in the top 50. Sorry, Jacksonville and Oakland. Just kidding. We’re not sorry. You guys are both a stiff breeze away from moving to L.A.


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