Adam Wainwright Joked About Giving Jeter ‘Pipe Shots’ at ASG, and Twitter Didn’t Overreact at All! (Video + Pics)

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Last night, in the final All-Star Game of his career, Derek Jeter hit leadoff for the American League team, and in the bottom of the first inning he lined a double down the right field line off National League starter Adam Wainwright. It was a perfect story for the Jeter-loving world. You couldn’t have scripted it any better. What a sendoff!

However, after coming out of the game, Wainwright spoke with some reporters and said he totally meant to give up that hit to Jeter.

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Just a joke? Wainwright trying to make light of the fact that he got smacked around in the first inning? Yes, that’s what reasonable people would assume. But Yankees fans aren’t reasonable when it comes to Jeter. To them, Wainwright joking about handing a hit to Jeter is like your friend joking about getting to second base with your mother: so not cool.

So they got on Twitter and let him hear about it.

Adam Wainwright Derek Jeter Twitter Reaction

And this backlash prompted Wainwright to seek out Erin Andrews and beg for forgiveness.

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Oh, Adam Wainwright, you blasphemer. You really should know better than to suggest Derek Jeter is anything other than the greatest hitter of all-time and a veritable god among men.

(In all seriousness, though, lighten up everybody.)

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