For Sale Right Now on eBay: a Pile of Ashes that Used to Be a LeBron James Cavaliers Jersey (Pics)

lebron jersey ashes for sale on ebay

One of the most iconic images of the NBA over the past two decades is that of the burning LeBron James Cavaliers jersey. After he announced his decision to take his talents to South Beach back in the summer of 2010, the reaction in his hometown was less than kind. And a lot of people took to the streets to curse his name and burn his jersey—because nothing says “YOU’RE DEAD TO ME!” like burning somebody’s stuff.

Of course, when LeBron announced last week that he would be returning to the Cavaliers, the site of those burning jerseys was the first thing many people thought of. And, understandably, many a joke was made about Cavliers fans digging their charred LeBron jerseys out of storage and seeing if they can patch them up.

However, one internet genius has taken this joke to the next level…by auctioning the ashes of a 2009 LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers jersey on eBay.

The official listing? “2009 LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey (Non-Mint)”

lebron jersey ashes on ebay

At time of writing, the price is up to $29.50. It started at $1 and there have been 22 bids so far. But of course, the best part is the description—it’s in comic sans, just like a certain angry letter written by a certain NBA owner:

lebron cavaliers jersey ashes for sale on ebay


If you want to get in on the action, click here. But you’d better hurry up, because there are just two and a half hours remaining.

Oh, and PS, that’s probably not really a pile of ashes from a burnt LeBron James jersey. Just so we’re clear.


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