Twitter Fail: CBS News Tweets About Legendary Yankees Shortstop…Michael Jeter? (Pic)

derek jeter all-star game

Even if you never watched a baseball game in your life until the 2014 MLB All-Star Game, you’ve probably heard of Derek Jeter. His name probably rolls off your tongue, because he’s more than just a baseball player. He’s a cultural icon. He’s the King of New York. He’s hosted Saturday Night Live. He’s the man other men want to be, and the man ladies want to be with.

And of course, if you watched just five minutes of Fox’s pre-pre-game show, their pre-game show, or the actual broadcast of the 2014 ASG, you would have heard them mention him 37 times. Because you see, Derek Jeter is retiring this year, and everyone loves him.

Hell, Jordan brand made a whole commercial just to pay tribute to the guy during his final All-Star Game.

So my point? Derek Jeter is very famous. And last night, the CBS News Twitter just totally blew it when they tried to tweet about him:

CBS News calls Derek Jeter Michael Jeter Tweet

That’s right. Michael Jeter…who, by the way, is this guy:

michael jeter

Now, to their credit, CBS didn’t just delete the tweet and pretend like it never happened. They owned up to the gaffe:

cbs derek jeter retraction tweet

But sorry, that’s still really embarrassing.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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