Drake Cracked Some Quality Jokes in His 2014 ESPYs Monologue (Video)

drake espys monologue

When Drake was announced as the host for the 2014 ESPY Awards, I said at the time that I was slightly disappointed.

It was not that I doubted his MC skills. It was that, given his close personal ties in the sports world, you knew the jokes were going to be relatively tame.

So was I wrong? Nope. The 2014 ESPY Awards were held last night, and Drake’s monologue was almost exactly what I expected—comfortably hilarious. There was no squirming at the Nokia Theater. The athletes were safe. And the only truly “edgy” joke came at the expense of a billionaire who owns a football team named after a racial slur. So, you know, he had it coming.

Still, at the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with being comfortably hilarious. So hats off to Drake for a job well done.

Below you’ll find the entire monologue, and below that you’ll find a “track list” of the best jokes. You should just watch the whole thing instead of doing work. Tell your boss I said it’s okay.

Drake, the Badwagon Fan (0:55)
Johnny Football Eats Shrooms (2:10)
Blake Griffin Laughs at Donald Sterling (4:13)
Tim Howard Gets Laid (4:50)
Russell Westbrook Has a Silly Shirt (5:28)
Obligatory Richard Sherman Joke (5:55)
Obligatory White People Are So Lame Joke (6:09)
Dan Snyder Burn (6:37)
NCAA Exploiting Athletes Joke (7:40)
Lance Stephenson Blow Cam (8:50)

Hat Tip – [For the Win]

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