El Paso Chihuahuas Introduce Greatest Jerseys in History of Sports (Pic)

el paso chihuahuas jerseys

I’ve seen a lot of wacky minor league baseball promotions in my day, but this one is right there at the top amongst my favorites.

On August 3, the El Paso Chihuahuas, triple-A affiliates of the San Diego Padres, are holding their second annual “Bark at the Park”—which in itself is not very original, since many teams (even in the Majors) have bring your pet to the ballpark games.

However, the Chihuahuas aren’t just inviting fans to bring their pooches to the game. They’re also going to be wearing magnificent special edition jerseys (pictured above) with a giant photorealistic chihuahua face on the front. And after the game these game-worn jerseys will be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to the El Paso Humane Society.

If I lived anywhere near El Paso, I’d be at the game, and I’d be going home in a chihuahua face jersey. Because man, these are fantastic, and they would look amazing with my Lehigh Valley IronPigs bacon hat.

Hat Tip – [El Paso Chihuahuas via @PhilHecken]

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