Ernie Els Putts Like a Cheating Toddler at the British Open (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 10.39.32 AMErnie Els is a great golfer. He’s won some tournaments (probably), and even golf haters know his name. It’s not because Els is a great golfer that this putting is so weird. It’s not because he’s a good golfer. It’s because he’s any type of golfer not playing on a poorly-lit putt-putt course on a Friday night. Which would be the only explanation as to why he took a gimme and required two additional attempts to knock it in from about 14 inches. AT THE BRITISH OPEN. This wasn’t the Kaiser-Permanente Linkstravagnza Jamberoo at Singing Butterfly Golf Course. This was the BRITISH OPEN.

Here’s the odd video:

Is he jet-lagged? Is that even Ernie Els? My guess is that some duffer hit Ernie Els in the head in the clubhouse, then changed into his clothes and pulled his had down low and just did his best.

I don’t know what those extra strokes will end up costing him, but I think $20-40k is probably in the ballpark. It’s only a “gimme” if you’re willing to take it, Ernie.

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