Here’s Security Footage of Texas Tech Football Player Nigel Bethel Punching Texas Tech Women’s Basketball Player Amber Battle (Video)

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Last month at Texas Tech, incoming freshman cornerback Nigel Bethel was kicked off the football team after he punched women’s basketball star Amber Battle in the face during a pickup basketball game on campus. The punch broke a bone in Battle’s face, and local prosecutors convened a grand jury to decide whether or not felony assault charges.

Yesterday, however, the grand jury decided not to file charges. And with the case now over, the security footage of the incident has been released.

What does it show? It shows Battle grabbing a rebound, then getting fouled by Bethel, then shoving Bethel. And, of course, it then shows Bethel punching Battle in the face.

Take a look:

Amber Battle had already admitted that she was the one who initiated physical contact, and for that she was suspended for the month of November by the Red Raiders women’s basketball team. However, that hardly excuses Bethel’s actions. Anyone who’s ever played a game of pickup anything knows things can get heated. Shoving is commonplace; punching is rare.

That being said, kicking Bethel off the team one day after the incident was probably a bit rash. If nothing else, they could have waited a few more days to collect all the facts and let all the emotions die down.

However, the grand jury felt very strongly that this whole thing was no big deal. And we know this because they wrote a letter to Texas Tech on Bethel’s behalf asking them to reinstate him.

What do you think? Was Bethel’s punishment justified, or should be be reinstated?

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