Here’s Footage Of LeBron James Jr. Playing Hoops in Front of His Dad (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 7.05.48 AMWhen is an athlete too young to be burned with media attention? How long should a child be able to play sports in the purest way possible before being projected on to the world and saddled that come with that projection?

The answers to those questions don’t matter in this instance, because we’re talking about LeBron James Jr. and basketball. I’m pretty sure scouting reports were being made while he was still inside his mother’s womb.

Doesn’t hold up under 3/4 trap…shies away from shooting in just outside the paint…is a zygote. 

We’ve got a video of LeBron Sr. beaming with pride and happiness as he watches his 4th grade namesake take to the court.

And yes, we also think it’s insane that LeBron’s kid is 9 year’s old, but you get used to being surprised by these types of things when you get old. Here, LBJ Jr. is playing in the AAU 4th grade national championship. Because it needs to be determined which 4th grade team is the best in the nation.

Here’s the heartwarming video of father watching son:

Even the most hating hater can’t hate on this.

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