Padres Ballgirl Plays Some Gold Glove Defense, Red Sox Ball Girl Makes Epic Fail Face (Videos)

red sox ball girl fail face

Being an MLB ballgirl is not an easy job. Some day you make great plays that get you on SportsCenter, and other days you make a fool of yourself on national television.

In Boston on Saturday night, the ballgirl manning the right field line accidentally snagged a fair ball off the bat of Kansas City’s Eric Hosmer. It wasn’t really a huge deal since Hosmer was probably going to get a double on the play anyway, but her reaction was absolutely priceless. Upon realizing what she’d done, the poor girl dropped the ball and walked away like nothing had happened.

Take a look:

You’ve got to feel for her. But still, you also have to laugh, because that is some hilarious sh*t.

Meanwhile, in San Diego yesterday, the ballgirl down the right field line at Petco Park made not one but two fantastic grabs of caroms.

Take a look:

Of course, this was just par for the course for the San Diego ballgirls.

But keep your head up, Red Sox ballgirl. You never know when you will get your shot at redemption.

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