Yup, That 105 Year-Old Lady’s First Pitch Was Better Than 50 Cent’s (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 7.50.48 PMAgnes McKee (That’s right. We’re putting her name in bold now.) might not be getting a major league contract anytime soon, but that’s mostly due to salary cap implications and front office politics. Or so we would assume. Because she threw out the first pitch at Sunday’s Padres game like a champ. We have discussed the lead up to the big day both before, because this type of thing is terrific, and because it’s fun to speculate that a 105 year-old woman named “Agnes” can have a better outing on the mound than 50 Cent did.

Despite being slightly older than the steam engine and organized religion combined, Agnes was able to get the ball to the catcher, Rene Rivera, which more than can be said about a certain hip-hop artist whose hits include “Candy Shop” and “In Da Club.” What’s more, Agnes was able to bring the heat with a little style, goign with the old-school windmill wind-up. That’s what’s great about 105 year-olds. Almost everything they do is old school. It’s pretty much all they know.

Here’s the majesty in video. Extra points for the camo jersey:

I know we’ve reported this cute human interest story like three times now, but this should be it for our coverage of Agnes and the world’s best opening pitch. In summation: Agnes McKee: better pitcher than 50 Cent. But is she a better MC?

I smell an 8-Mile-type competition brewing.