Watch This Video of Adorable Baby Falling Asleep at Blue Jays Game, Then Send It to Your Mom (Video)

baby falling asleep at blue jays game

Last night in Toronto, the Blue Jays got absolutely destroyed by the Boston Red Sox. The visitors scored two in the 2nd, four in the 3rd, two in the 4th, and six in the 5th. Then, after that, there was nothing. Final score: Red Sox 14, Blue Jays 1.

Obviously, it was an absolutely brutal night to be a Blue Jays fan at the Rogers Centre. In fact, though I have a personal policy of never leaving a blowout early because you never know when you’ll see the greatest comeback of your life, if I was at the game with young children, I would have left right after they stopped selling $11 beers. (Don’t worry, we would take public transit home. I’m not a monster.)

However, there was at least one family at the game in Toronto who is a lot more hardcore about baseball than I am. And I know this because they stayed through the 8th inning, despite the fact that they had a preschool-aged daughter and an adorable little baby who just could not stay awake for all Labatt in Canada.

Take a look:

Seriously, how cute is that? Go ahead, post this one on your Facebook wall and tag your mom. She’ll think it’s adorable.

Hide it from your girlfriend, though. You don’t want her thinking you’re ready for kids or anything.


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