Keith Olbermann Deems Tony Dungy ‘Worst Person in the World’ for Michael Sam Comments (Video)

I guess being called the “worst person in the world” isn’t so bad when it comes from Keith Olbermann, considering it’s a recurring segment on his show, so lot’s of folks have had the dubious honor. But public sentiment may say that Tony Dungy really does deserve it after his comments about openly gay NFL player Michael Sam.

Recently, Tony Dungy stated that he wouldn’t have drafted Michael Sam because his homosexuality would have been a “distraction” to the team. Not an easy sentiment to swallow, but this IS the same Michael Sam who was drafted in the 7th round by St. Louis, and had to be talked out of doing a reality show on Oprah’s network during training camp. That sounds like a distraction to me if I’m a head coach.

Olbermann calls Dungy a hypocrite for his comments and then talks about them with ESPN’s Jason Whitlock, who is wearing a very fun hat.

Watch the accusations fly here:

Olbermann points out that Dungy had previously stood up for Michael Vick, so he should stand up for Michael Sam, which is just one of the belabored contrivances Olbermann gets out in this segment.

Welcome to the Age of Michael Sam in the Media, folks.


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