Lionel Messi Meets Superfan Who Got a Messi Jersey Tattooed on His Back (Video)

lionel messi with his biggest fan (messi tattoo)

For all you Lionel Messi fans out there, I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that I know how you can get your very own private meeting with the world’s greatest soccer player. The bad is that you’re going to have to get a pretty insane tattoo.

We have an Argentine man named Hernán Baigoria to thank for this inside scoop. Earlier this month, just before the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina, Baigoria got a life-size tattoo of Messi’s name and #10 on his back, like you do. When Messi heard about this, he invited the guy to meet him in Rosario, Argentina, where he’d autograph some memorabilia and take a few pictures.

Sure, Messi would only meet under the cover of night. Sure, the whole thing looked a bit like some sort of drug deal. Sure, the woman taking the video held the camera vertically. But it was still pretty cool. Take a look:

Now, before you go out and get a #10 tattooed on your back thinking that’s going to get your an audience with the soccer genius himself, you should probably think twice. Messi has already seen that tattoo. You’re going to want to dial it up a notch and do something original. Maybe get a giant back tattoo of a bare-chested Messi on horseback, holding an Argentine flag in one hand and a sword in the other, standing on top of a bed of skulls. Something like that.

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