Nikki Bella Exposes Nipple to Nation’s Impressionable Youths on Monday Night Raw (Pic)


Okay everybody, this is weird. Last year, on Monday, July 22, WWE Diva Brie Bella had what the kids these days call a “wardrobe function.” That means her bare lady nipple somehow found its way out of her skimpy top during Monday Night Raw and exposed itself for all the world to see.

It was pretty much the most shocking moment in the history of basic cable television.

Now, almost exactly one year later—Monday, July 20, 2014—it happened again. There was another wardrobe malfunction from the Bella twins. The only difference is that, this time, it was Nikki Bella and she was actually rasslin’ when her nipple popped out.

Obviously, this cannot be a coincidence. The nipple of Brie Bella’s twin sister Nikki, on the same day on the same show, one year later? I smell Illuminati.

nikki bella nipple slip on monday night raw

In any case, you’d probably like to get a better look at said nipple just to be sure. So here you go:

nikki bella nipple slip on monday night raw 2

No, just kidding. Here’s a link to the unedited pic. We’re not going to provide the actual naked nipple shot here because we’re not moral degenerates.

Hat Tip – [Cageside Seats]


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