Relay Team of 90-Year-Old Men Sets World Record at U.S. Track and Field Masters Championships (Pics)

90-year-old track stars set world record

What did you do last weekend? Because a group of five 90-year-old men set three world records at the USA Track and Field Masters Outdoor Championships in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. And I’m thinking, whatever you did, it probably wasn’t that awesome.

The idea was cooked up by Charles Ross, 91, of Decatur, Arkansas. “When I first heard it had never been done before”—”it” being a 90+ year relay team—”I said, ‘Why not do it and get some world records?'” So he recruited a team of like-minded nonagenarian runners, and the rest was history.

Joining him on the Wake Forest University track were:

  • Champion Goldy Sr., 97, of Haddonfield, New Jersey, a Methodist minister who took up track in his 70s, hopes to run the 100 when he’s 100, and has the best name ever.
  • Orville Rogers, 96, of Dallas, who set six world records at the Masters last year, less than one year after suffering a stroke.
  • Roy Englert, 92, of Springfield, Virginia, who stormed the beaches of Normany on D-Day, went to law school at Columbia, and started competing at track meets in his 60s.
  • Charles Boyle, 91, of Annapolis, Maryland, who worked for NASA for 32 years and has written a space adventure novel and a children’s book.

As for Charles Ross, he’s practically done nothing with his life…since fighting in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, and getting inducted into the Army Ranger Hall of Fame.

Seriously, these guys are RIDICULOUSLY awesome. They ran the 4×100 in 2:22.37, the 4×400 in 12:41.69, and the 4×800 in 28:17.10. Goldy, the eldest of the group, was their “sprint specialist,” so he only ran the 4×100. Boyle took his place in the longer distances.

To be honest, I’m not sure I could beat those times. So if you excuse me, I’m going to go question what, exactly, I am doing with my life.

Hat Tip – [NBC Sports]


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