Tour de France Cyclist Stops Mid-Race and Tells Hecklers to Shut the Hell Up (Video)

tour de france cyclist thomas voeckler stops to yell at hecklers

The Tour de France is the most excruciating, grueling, and painful sporting event on earth. For that reason, most of the cyclists probably don’t even notice hecklers. The only things they can hear are the tiny voices in their heads yelling, “PLEASE STOP!”

However, I imagine that the few cyclists who do notice the hecklers probably don’t like it. The last thing anybody wants to hear while riding their bike up the side of a goddamn mountain is some drunken idiot yelling “you suck!”

I know for sure that France’s Thomas Voeckler doesn’t like it. He was making the final climb of one of the Tour’s most difficult stages the other day when he encountered some hecklers. So obvioulsy he stopped in the middle of the course to put the shirtless bros in their place.

Take a look at the video. At the end, you can hear a spectator say “sorry, sorry, sorry” before Voeckler resumes his ride.

The lesson? Don’t heckle dudes in the middle of a 2,000-mile, month-long bike race. They’re not in the mood for that shit.

Hat Tip – [For the Win]

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