Umpire Gives Most Over-the-Top Strikeout Calls Ever (Video)

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Being an umpire in what appears to be a rural high school league is probably not the most glamorous gig. Angry parents yell at you, it’s hot, and you’re relatively anonymous.

Well, this umpire is anything but anonymous. In an exhibition that harkens back to Leslie Nielsen’s undercover umpire duty in The Naked Gun, this guy goes absolutely apeshit on every third strike. It’s hard to tell exactly what he’s saying, but the fact that he’s saying it loud enough to carry to a camera in the stands is saying something.

See what you can make out in the spastic video here:

As far as I can tell, he yells something about 2 Chainz (and why wouldn’t an umpire reference 2 Chainz loudly during the course of a game?) and, judging from the YouTube comments (which serves as everyone’s most reliable source of news), he drops a “Gangnam Style” reference—though it’s a little to0 muffled for me to hear.

Speaking of YouTube comments, visit the page if you want to read a lot of upset traditionalists talking about this guy being a disgrace to the game. You know, because high school baseball has so much sanctity that it’s pretty much a church. TREAT HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL WITH THE QUIET DIGNITY IT DEMANDS, UMP!


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