Watch Yasiel Puig and Hanley Ramirez Make Life Difficult for Dodgers Sideline Reporter Alanna Rizzo (Video)

ramirez and puig videobomb dodgers reporter

Yasiel Puig has been known to cause Dodgers manager Don Mattingly a few headaches. I can only assume that, last night, Mattingly was delighted to see the kid giving somebody else a headache for once.

Last night the Dodgers were in Pittsburgh taking on the Pirates, but neither Puig nor Hanley Ramirez were in the lineup after both were hit in the hand by pitches over the weekend in St. Louis. Normally this would be double bad news for Mattingly—two of his best hitters out of the lineup, two of the team’s biggest shitdisturbers in the dugout the entire game. However, on this occasion Mattingly caught a break.

Though he didn’t have Puig or Ramirez in the lineup, those two clowns did direct most of their antics on Dodgers sideline reporter Alanna Rizzo, videobombing her like a couple of middle school kids on a sugar high.

Sure, they made Rizzo’s job a lot harder, but she took one for the team. Puig and Ramirez didn’t distract the guys who were playing, and the Dodgers won 5-2.


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