Guy Changes His Mind in Mid-Air, Throws Down Amazing Dunk (Video)

amazing dunk - street baller changes his mind mid-dunk

You know how sometimes, when your playing basketball, you go up for a showtime dunk and change your mind about what you’re going to do in mid-air?

No? Well, it happens to me all the time, because I’m so good at dunking basketballs. And I know it happened to this guy, too, at a recent “Ball Up Streetball” event. He took a pass on a fast break and took it straight to the hoop for a dunk. But then, in mid-air, he changed his mind about the kind of dunk he wanted to do, switching from what might have been a straightforward tomahawk or windmill to a reverse pump dunk.

It wasn’t bad.

That’s pretty much a normal day playing pick-up ball at the gym for me, but I guess to some people that might seem really impressive or whatever.

Hat Tip – [@SportsNation]

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